Chung Hung Steel Profile

Chung Hung Steel

Chung Hung Steel, located at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, was founded in September 1983. We produce a range of products including hot rolled coils, cold rolled coils, steel pipes and tubes,and hot-rolled pickled and oiled coil, currently provide to the domestic market. Chung Hung Steel has five production mills, including Hot Rolling Mill (with annual production capacity of 2.4 million tons), Cold Rolling Mill (with annual production capacity of 450 thousand tons), Pickling and Galvanizing Mill (with annual capacity of 600 thousand tons) , Steel Pipe & Tube – DaFa Mill (with annual production capacity of 48 thousand tons) all located in Kaohsiung; Steel Pipe & Tube - Lukang Mill (with annual production capacity of 200 thousand tons) in Changhua Coastal Park.

Our vision is “We persist in operating uprightly and devote ourselves to sustainable development and winning buyer's trust and friendship”, together with our market demand-oriented business model, we exert flexible strategy, implement our quality, environmental energy, occupational safety & hygiene systems, in order to achieve our development in niche market, leverage additional value to our products, enhance company competitiveness, well look after corporate social responsibility and pursue sustainable development.